How we operate

H.A. Marks are a fexible organisation that adopts an open approach with all of our clients. We recognise the importance of collaborative relationships in the successful delivery of all projects. We pride ourselves in our excellent relationships with our clients.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in the rail industry, enables us to offer innovative solutions to our clients. Our Quality and Environmental Management systems are certified to ISO 9001 which ensures optimum procedures across every department. Our “Partnerships” with our customers are based on joint strategies and the sharing of knowledge to continually improve performance. H.A. Marks places a strong emphasis on communication and the importance of positively building and maintaining client relationships.

We appoint a Senior Contracts Manager to be the key point of contact for everyday issues. We hold a series of project meetings with the client and team to answer any questions they may have and openly discuss the project, the methodology and project impact. We hold meetings and regular forums to update clients on progress and provide any information they need.

By working together every step of the way we are able to provide a consistent service ensuring mutual respect and honesty. We use a collaborative forum software/email with which we can share information.

This process has been successfully used when managing a Transport for London contract involving works on over 60 sites in the South East of England which required us to liaise with different client teams according to location and project requirements. It is our practice to deal with problems promptly and avoid any small issues evolving into larger ones.

We do this by acting in a professional, courteous and pro-active manner. In particular, our Site and Contract Managers would frequently liaise with the Station Supervisor and the Station Staff to minimise disruption and help promote a mutually respectful and solid working relationship.